Monday, September 24, 2012

Six Month Hiatus

After 6 months of basically ignoring this blog, I'm going to see if I can be more diligent about posting on here. However, I am 11 months BEHIND and so much has happened in that time. As I've always said, this is more for documenting purposes (someday I'd love to make a book from this blog...someday), so if you're reading this, then I consider it gravy. :)

Below is a test picture. Picasa was spazing out on me for awhile and they finally came out with a new version...I'm hoping this one works better. So, ideally I'm able to post in a very easy fashion. We'll see!!

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Thursday, March 15, 2012

Halloween and Feeding the Ducks

After getting back from Beaver's Bend, Halloween was the very next day and Sutton was excited to get to dress up as a Texas Ranger for another time.

Here's Sutton with Kailey, our neighbor and sweet friend (along with her parents). SO sweet. :)

This is one of Sutton's adopted grandparents, our neighbor, Joe.

I'd argue with anyone that they are the best neighbors EVER.

Clara-Bara came to our street for the party.

Sutton's Absolute BFF, Matthew (Pronounced Mashew)

Marin wanted to join in on the fun.

Sutton worked hard for his ONE piece of candy (I know, we're HORRIBLE parents, aren't we?) Thankfully, though, it didn't keep him up all night.

The following weekend we took the boys to the park for a picnic and to feed the ducks. This was Wyatt's first trip and he loved it. He can't get enough of being outside.

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Thursday, November 24, 2011

Beaver's Bend!

Beaver's Bend was a great trip this year. We love getting to go the last weekend of October when the weather is amazing and the trees are gorgeous. I'm sick that I didn't bring our camera on the hike we took on Saturday to capture the amazing views and family pics we took on Carol's iPhone (thanks, Carol!!). I'll try and add those on here later.

Chris's co-worker recommended this awesome pizza place that we ate at and LOVED!

Our First-Timer!

His first train ride...such a trooper!

Sutton LOVES his Mom B!!

And his Auntie C!! (Technically, Aunt Cheryl)

Sweet Sierra!

We got to see SEVERAL deer on the train ride.

About to cash out

Huggin' Cousins

We won him over again with the swing!

Hanging out at the cabins...

There was a hill just behind our cabin, and loads of fun that came along with it (thanks to their Daddys)

Gotta lay some "bumpers" to make sure the ball doesn't roll away...

 The "Gutter" at work:

In case you forgot, we still love our Drake: